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An Amazingly Blessed 2018

Whoops! It’s another year already….O how time flies. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all our highly esteemed clients and friends for sticking to us till now. You are a very important part of our success story till date. And we look forward to an amazing 2018 with you. Thank
A lot of ladies don’t know that not all wedding dresses are fit for their body shape. Well now you know….. Here’s a article that could become useful in helping you choose your wedding dress. Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for your wedding If You’re Pear-Shaped Look for: A skirt that gradually flares out in

Customers are always right

ARE CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT? The popular saying ‘customers are always right’ has become widely used in the business world. There is therefore the need to understand the phrase properly in order to be able to curb its excesses if any. Customer service Why are customers important? What is customers satisfaction? Customer service is focused on


HISTORY OF WEDDING DRESSES The rite of a white wedding dress came from the princes’ palaces and only spread slowly at the beginning of the 19’s century. Only at the beginning of the 1920’s white wedding fashion represents the bourgeois-churchly moral, the virginity of the bride which equates purity. The lifting of the veil was

Jack of all trades, master in…..

Jack of many trades Learning a trade means adding value to your life by acquiring a skill. Skill- the ability to do something well or with expertise. This value grants you an advantage over anyone who doesn’t have the same knowledge as you. A larger percentage of people who learn different trades, do so in
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The beauty of Sunflowers

The beauty sunflowers give to events, your space or an item is indescribeable. I love sunflowers because they cannot go unnoticed wherever they are. Brides wanting to incorporate a bit of gold into their jewel tone-chic bridal bouquet, need look no further than warm-toned sunflowers. It adds a bit of brightness to the dark and

The Traditional Wedding List

Different tribes with different traditional wedding list. According to research, I was able to gather some items that can be seen on the traditional list of some tribes here. Note, they may not be general for all cases, family specifications matter as well. YORUBA TRADITIONAL WEDDING LIST The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Engagement list is presented

Who owns the wedding?

A lot of times you would hear intending couples say, ‘it’s our marriage, but their wedding’, and this has raised a lot of issues countless number of times especially in this part of the world where black parents make a big deal out of their children’s wedding. In some other parts of the world, you

2016 Christmas hampers and giftpacks

Its that time of the year again, and as we do every year; we take responsibility as messengers conveying appreciation to loved ones through our well packaged hampers and gift packs. Christmas would be so boring without Santa Claus and exchange of gifts, so we are your favourite Santa at your service delivering baskets filled
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Love your own life

It may not be due time to share my story yet, but I feel led to encourage someone today with this. You need to stop blaming others for the turnout of your life and begin to take responsibility for your own happiness in life. There was a time in my life I would do this

Bridal bouquet, a necessity or just tradition

Why does the bride carry a bouquet? In ancient times; one of the reasons that brides carried bouquets was born out of the ‘necessity’ of covering odor, trying to smell pretty on that special. Better put, brides carried bouquets to mask the smell of body odor. Another old and popular custom for carrying a bouquet,

Nigeria I pledge to thee

We have so often recited the Nigeria anthem and pledge to our great nation that we forget the meaning of the words in the lines in our day to day activities. I remember during my school days just like everyone else’s, we were made to recite one or all anthems every single morning; one would expect these

Husband Scarcity!!!

I can no longer resist the urge to say something about this topic: “Husband Scarcity” has become one of the challenges faced by many young girls today. If you go to prayer houses, majority of the intentions are prayers for a life partner. And this calls for concern. Casting our minds back to the time

I am inlove with a married man

In the few years I have spent on earth, I have come to realise that there are different kinds of people in the world; some people do have some weird mentalities that makes me wonder what their brains are made of. Because I cannot imagine how a lady would allow herself fall heads over heels

Inlove with the bling-bling?

Aion know this thing with ladies and blings on the rings, guess we just love the attention it brings, or maybe because  we are stars and like to shine *big grin*. If it’s not dazzling in the night and blinking during the day, then he probably got it cheap. O yea, it is an every

None shall lack her mate

At least 90% of every lady looks forward to having this in life. Now here is a little bit of advise to help you in the waiting period. You must realize that not every man is fit to go where God is taking you to, this would help you in choice making. You must also

Planning an engagement wedding ceremony

Key ingredients: -Proposed date -Proposed City -Color theme -Estimated number of guests -Budget   Traditional wedding is one of the most important medium of solemnization to African countries, and is equally honoured by God. In this blog, I would be using yoruba tribe as the case study. Yoruba traditional weddings are done to show the

As The Day Draws Near…

One can tell from the rush and swing of emotions that you can’t wait to be one with your better half. It seems like a forever waiting period to you even. Here are just a few tips i learnt during my own waiting period that may be useful for every to-be bride: 1) As you